Jim Shuttleworth bio photo

Jim Shuttleworth

Nephew of Jim Shuttleworth, killed at Arnhem



15 Feb 2022

There are 35 British aircrew buried in the Moscowa cemetery. Giel Heintzbergen has investigated the circumstances that led to their internment and has written a book ‘Gone but not forgotten’ which I sponsored and which led us to arrange a service to commemorate all 35. Unfortunately, Covid overtook us and it was postponed three times and finally took place in October 2020.
The service was led by Rev Geoffrey Allen and members of the Royal British Legion.
I would like to thank Colonel Gerrit Pijpers, Giel Heintzbergen, and Harry Van Der Ploeg for their help over the years, in making this possible.

Also, Sherideen van der Mijl, Arjen.van.Vessem and Bas Boekhoven, representatives of Moscowa, for their help and generous contribution to the service and hospitality.


8 Feb 2022

In 2019, a local historian, Giel Heintzbergen, discovered where my uncle’s plane crashed. We held a service to commemorate the event and placed a brass plaque on a tree adjacent to the site. Four eyewitnesses joined us at the service, all four were children at the time  , but saw the plane crash and watched their father try to save the crew from the burning wreck. They were given a military funeral and were interred in the Moscowa cemetery in Arnhem.